What Kind Of Travel Insurance Policy Claims Can Be Denied?

Travel Insurance Policy Claims

Travel insurance policies are must whether you are going on a domestic or international trip. Availing an insurance scheme helps you overcome financial losses incurred due to any unwanted incident that may happen during your trip.

Travel insurance companies offer policies that can safeguard you against monetary loss due to missing baggage, flight cancellation, loss of wallet, and many other similar situations. Abiding by the terms and conditions laid down by the insurance providers will help you avail reimbursement of your losses without any hassle.

However, your claims must comply with the same for a successful acceptance. There are various scenarios when companies can reject the same.

These include:

  1. Loss or damage to your belongings due to intoxication

Travel insurance cover loss or damage to your belongings. However, you will not receive the reimbursement if the same happens due to intoxication on your part.

For instance, baggage loss is covered under perosonal trip effects cover offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance product category. However, it excludes baggage loss claims if the baggage is lost when the policyholder was under the influence of any intoxicating substance.

  1. Reporting baggage loss after 24 hours

You must make a claim for baggage loss within 24 hours. Travel insurance companies may deny the same if you report the loss post this period.

  1. Loss or damage to your belongings caused deliberately

Any deliberate loss or damage to your belongings will make the insurance company to reject your claim.

  1. Not providing documents to claim baggage loss

Travel insurance companies in India will reject claims for baggage loss if you don’t provide the necessary documents. Some of these include Property Irregularity Report (PIR), copy of passport/visa, documents to show proof that you have availed airline compensation, a letter from the airline accepting loss of your luggage, etc.

Hence, make sure to get all of these documents in place before claiming reimbursement against baggage loss from your insurance company. Pocket Insurance schemes like domestic holiday cover brought to you by Bajaj Finserv further simplifies the claiming process.

  1. Damages to your home caused by nuclear, biological, or chemical events

Home protection insurance policies cover theft and damages to the items in your house when you are away. The scheme will not come into effect if the same is caused due to nuclear, biological, or chemical events.

Travel insurance providers offers policies that cover financial losses caused due to theft and damages to your belongings in case of a burglary when you are on vacation.

Pocket Insurance schemes like home protection insurance from Bajaj Finserv offers coverage up to Rs. 5 Lakh in case of loss due to burglaries.

  1. Damages to the vehicle caused by traffic rule violations

Road trip travel insurance policies provide roadside assistance in case your car breaks down. However, you will not avail these benefits if you have damaged the vehicle due to traffic violations on your part.

  1. Personal accidents claim because of mental illness

A Domestic Travel Insurance Policy keeps you protected in case of personal accidents. It will reimburse the expenses you incur to avail treatment.

However, a travel insurance company may deny a claim if the accident arises due to mental illness. For example, the policy provider may not cover self-inflicted injuries.

  1. Personal accidents caused by adventure sports

Some travel insurance schemes don’t cover accidents caused due to adventure sports. Companies have dedicated plans specifically for such activities.

  1. Trip cancellation by the travel company

Travel insurance schemes will keep you protected when you cancel the trip. What they may not cover is trip cancellation by your travel company. In such situations, the travel company will reimburse your expenses.

There may also be various other situations which your travel insurance does not cover. One of the ideal ways to keep a note of the same is to meticulously read the terms and conditions laid down by different travel insurance companies and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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