Protect Your Identity Cards While You Are On A Vacation

Identity Cards

Vacation is your time to relax and enjoy – and the last thing you want is to worry about identity theft by fraudsters. Unfortunately, leaving your house for a trip can also expose you to several unknown threats which could paralyse you financially and legally. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you’re protected under an identity theft insurance plan before you venture out to complete your vacation itinerary.

In this digital era, identity theft is a widespread occurrence. It can lead you to a substantial debt on your name or a damaged credit score. Salvaging from these financial tussles could take years to resolve. Thus, with an identity theft insurance from Bajaj Finance under their Pocket Insurance category can safeguard you from any financial and legal expenses.

Now let’s take a look at the 4 tips to avoid identity theft while you’re on vacation –

1 Contact your credit card issuer before leaving for vacation

You must contact your credit card company before you head out of town or country. This will alert the issuer that you’ll incur charges elsewhere and prevent you from facing unexpected declines. Moreover, make sure that if you happen to lose your credit card, you get a replacement card expedited to your present location and receive an identity theft insurance coverage for it.

Furthermore, if your wallet gets stolen, you must contact your card issuer immediately to block your account and flag any fraudulent purchases made from your cards. You can avoid all the hassles with the help of a wallet care Pocket Insurance policy offered by Bajaj Finserv. It offers 24×7 credit/debit card blocking services, financial coverage and support in case of misplaced documents such as the PAN Card, Aadhaar card, etc.

2 Be careful of the ATMs you use

Whenever you obtain cash from an ATM, make sure it has the best security features. To ensure that, try to use those ATMs which are housed inside a bank lobby. Off-site fake ATMs are the most obvious targets for fraudsters to skim off your cash and other information. You must choose the best of identity theft protection plan to financially cover yourself against such situations while you embark on a vacation.

3 Have a back-up plan for stolen bag

It’s a smart idea to not carry any valuables like jewellery while you’re on a trip. Untoward incidents cannot be guaranteed against and cause both financial and physical harm. Thus, even if you do take valuables on your journey, lock them up in your hotel room. Additionally, you can opt for a purse care Pocket Insurance scheme. This one­-of-a-kind insurance policy financially covers any damage or theft of valuables of up to Rs. 2 Lakh along with identity theft cover in case of fraud.

4 Avoid public networks

Try to avoid using public wi-fi for a boarding pass or purchasing tickets as these networks are not encrypted. Thus, to prevent any manipulations from hackers, do not save any passwords and sensitive information while carrying out a transaction. Moreover, try to use incognito mode and VPN on an unidentified network. It is also recommended to use SIM cards with international network coverage if you’re globetrotting. It’s much safer, and you also get insurance coverage over it.

Despite all the precautionary measures, try not to post details of your travel plans on social media. This could expose your house to potential thefts while you’re gone on a vacation. Nevertheless, with an identity theft insurance coverage, you can enjoy your trip completely with all unforeseen circumstances comprehensively covered.

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