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The Bantaun Rakyat 1Malaysia continues to show its concern for the low income group people. With the positive reviews from the citizens of Malaysia the barisan nation government’s part brim ETP continues its service to the people. The aid amount is very much helpful to the people. The brim rate increases by RM 50 as the finance minister has already said that the brim rate will be increased by the brim 2016. Based on the specified criteria the people can enjoy the brim online service. Currently the Malaysians are facing various kinds of problems in their life. In that financial management tends to be the most critical part in most of the people’s life. According to the surveys done by the government it is found that many families are financially pushed down in the society. When flood and some other kinds of natural disasters occur in the country many citizens don’t know how to stand against at that situation. During that time the brim schemes are very helpful to the affected people.

Get latest brim application

Though br1m scheme was introduced in 2012 still many Malaysian families are most backward in the financial condition. Hence to improve the lives of people further the government’s Economic transformation program BRIM is further enhanced in 2016 scheme. To avail the latest permohonan br1m 2016 you have to contact the government sectors like Revenue Board office, district office, federal development office, some government agencies, social welfare departments and through online websites.

The existing applicants who are already applied & received the fund and those who still not received the fund amount need not to register again as a new applicant. Only thing they need to do is to update their personal information like their address and bank account details. You can get the permohonan br1m 2016 at some official website. Surely there will be some doubts for the people applying for this financial assistance. The government is also offering the online help center for the applicants. You can either contact or ask your queries by using the toll free number or through the email address provided.

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