Which Travel Insurance Is The Best For A Young Couple In India?

Travel Insurance

It is becoming increasingly important to insure oneself, particularly considering the rising cost of preventative and curative medical care, with several products on the market, with as many as 24 companies operating in the general insurance sector and many life insurance companies.

Travel insurance coverage protects your trip by covering financial losses that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. A travel insurance policy is a popular choice for people on vacation for leisure, business, or study. As a result, it is recommended that you purchase online travel insurance when you book your trip.

What exactly is a couple’s travel insurance?

Couples travel insurance is a form of a joint travel insurance policy. It may also be less expensive and time-consuming than purchasing two separate policies. The benefits are the same as that of an individual policy, the only difference being the coverage being provided to two people under the same policy.

Is couples’ travel insurance less expensive?

If each of you is purchasing a standard travel insurance policy, opting for a joint one will likely result in a rewards. Just make sure you continue to weigh your options. However, if one or both require specialised insurance (for example, due to a pre-existing medical condition), a couple’s policy may be more expensive.

Similarly, if one of you is over 65, the couple’s insurance price will typically be determined by the oldest traveller. In either of these cases, purchasing two separate policies may be less expensive. However, as always, weigh all options before deciding.

What kinds of couples’ travel insurance are there?

You could get single-trip couples to travel insurance or an annual multi-trip policy depending on how many times you plan to travel in a year. Yearly insurance is generally more cost-effective if it is used more than twice. You’ll also need to decide whether you want UK, European, worldwide, or worldwide plus USA, Canada, and Caribbean coverage.

How much does travel insurance for couples’ cost?

The cost of couples’ travel insurance coverage* may increase depending on your and your partner’s age and if you have pre-existing medical conditions. Insurers consider older (over 65) travellers and those with pre-existing health issues more likely to seek medical treatment while on vacation.

Insurers will also consider any dangerous activities you intend to engage in during your stay and may charge for additional coverage, such as gadget insurance.

Coverage for destinations outside of Europe is typically more expensive, with policies for destinations such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean typically carrying the highest premiums. This is to account for the fact that medical treatment is more expensive in these parts of the world.


Insurers provide a wide variety of cover options in varying amounts. The characteristics, terms and conditions, limits, and sub-limits are frequently concealed in the fine print, and it is challenging to understand how they should be interpreted.

Because of this, selecting a product that satisfies the requirements of a particular lifestyle and provides the ideal possible value for money can be challenging.

Claims can be rejected entirely or partially settled because decisions are primarily based on the lowest price, the claims rate, or the recommendations of agents.

Use an online travel insurance premium calculator to check for premiums. This will make selecting an insurance policy easier and better cater to your needs.

“As Insurance is a matter of solicitation its recommended to obtain complete information about the exclusions, benefits, terms & conditions and limitations of the insurance. Kindly carefully go through the sales policy/brochure before opting for any Insurance.”

* Standard T&C Apply

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