What You Need to Know about Bail Bondsman

Bail Bondsman

Running into the law and being taken to jail can be pretty costly. Sometimes, a bail might be set and that bail can be pretty high. When it comes to needing assistance with paying your bail when bail is allowed, you might need the help of a bail bondsman. What are some things you need to know?

The Amount Needed

Before you go to a bails bondman to get the amount you are going to need, you are first going to need to know the amount at which they have set your bail. This will be determined by a judge at a hearing. Until then, there isn’t much that you can really do. There are a few factors that come into play as to what your bail might be and if you are going to be allowed bail. The district attorney will be asked as to what they are asking for. One thing they consider is if you had any priors. The other thing would be if you are a flight risk. If you are a flight risk where you are more than likely be considered one to run after they let you out on bond, then they will revoke your bail. This means you will have to sit in jail until the hearing that determines your sentence. They might consider you a flight risk if you have a passport, but could still give you bond at a higher rate if you choose to hand over your passport.

Information Needed

Since the person in jail more than likely won’t be able to contact a bail bondsman Tulsa OK, there are a few things the person who is calling your behalf will have to know. Your full name being one of those things. Other things they will need to have readily available would include: why you are in jail, what jail you are locked up in, the booking number assigned to your case, the charges that are pending against you, as well as any other information you can give about your case.

Location to Get the Bail

There are some bail bondsmen who will ask you to come to their office. In most cases though, they will meet you at the jail where you are being held at. There are few who might go to the home of the person who is working on your behalf though. To know what the process is as the process differs among each and every bail bondsman, you are just going to call around.

Synopsis of How it Works

What happens is that the bail bondsman will post your bail. They will provide the money for your bail. They are doing this with the trust that you will appear at your sentencing hearing when that date has been set. If you fail to show, they will put a warrant out for your arrest. You will have to pay this back as the bondsman sees fit. When you do this, you are showing good faith that you will hold up your end of the deal. If you renig on these terms, then it’s likely that the bondman will not help you out in the future.

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