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Repossession is imminent, and foreclosure procedures have begun. Your income is simply not enough to cover your bills, no matter how low the payments are. It could be time to consider bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy legislation evolved as a response to the abuses surrounding debtor’s prison. Before nineteenth century there was a prison system existed for people who did not pay their statements. If a retailer registered a claim, the debtor has been incarcerated until his debts have been paid. The creditor was legally accountable for the costs of this prison remain, including meals, but rarely paid.

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After all, a debtor would need to enforce this legislation, and it was quite tricky to sue when in jail. Because of this, many borrowers languished in prison for decades, living on what their loved ones can bring to them, often, just starving to death. Even though some lenders would not object to the renewal of debtor’s prison, luckily we live in more enlightened times. Bankruptcy was designed to supply another chance (or third, or fourth) into people in debt. It provides a mechanism to wash the slate clean and start anew. As times have changed, however, so has the insolvency system. The proceedings are readily disqualified in case of improper procedures. There are lots of things a debtor ought to know before resorting to bankruptcy.

Negotiate with Creditors

Describe your position and ask for more time to cover. When the creditors refuse and continue to sabotage inform them about this action would force you to bankruptcy. No creditor would like to listen to the “B” word. Employing bankruptcy for a threat is a powerful negotiating tool, confronting lenders using a choice between getting a little every month and perhaps getting nothing through insolvency. Do not try this strategy on secured creditors. They may opt to repossess your house to avoid having to go through court.

Contact Consumer Credit Counseling

As stated earlier in the publication, Consumer Credit Counseling is a nonprofit group financed by creditors to help customers negotiate repayment plans. It’s often able to negotiate payment arrangements better than the person due to its continuous contact with an assortment of creditors. If you cannot negotiate a satisfactory agreement, give these people go. Keep in mind; the fact that you’re using credit counseling might show up on your credit report.

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