It’s Time For New Investment: Pink Diamonds


As per the current trends in the market, the price of pink diamonds has reached the sky, and interestingly, their value increases with each passing day. If you are lucky enough to invest in one of these rare collections, you can rest assured that the gems’ value is going to be doubled within a few years. It cannot be possessed by commoners due to its exorbitant price. But can be easily bought by the celebrities and millionaires, who love investing in high-value assets.

What makes these diamonds rare?

The basic principle to set the price of diamonds is – the rare the diamond is, the higher the value it holds. However, each diamond comes with their special features, but the pink gems are rarely available in the market. It is mostly found in Western Australia in Argyle Mine where the world’s maximum of the diamond is produced.

It is expected that due to the difficulty in finding this extraordinary jewel, the price will skyrocket in the upcoming years. With this, the investor will see a great deal to invest in something that will fetch high return.

If you see the statistics and figures of the sale and purchase of the natural diamond, you can easily understand how uncommon these pink diamonds are. Moreover, its demand can also be easily determined by witnessing its rising value and price and the arrival of collectors and investors in the stores and auction houses to buy these high-valuable jewels.

Is investing in these diamonds a good decision?

In the previous years, diamonds were mostly used in engagement rings or queen’s tiara. With its consistent value in the market, there has been a noticeable change in the purchase of these beauties. It is seen that rich investors and billionaires are investing in this jewel because of its high-end return, low risk and stability in the market.

According to the statistics, fancy coloured diamonds used to cost around $10,000 per carat, but it has reached a whopping amount of $220,000 per carat, which is almost twenty-two times of its value within three decades. Vivid pink gems are rarer than the fancy ones; hence, it comes with a greater price and higher value. With high demands amongst the antique collectors and investors and low supply in the market, has eventually led to an unprecedented rise per carat.

Six major aspects determine the price of pink diamonds- origin, colour, clarity, cut, shape and carat. Nowadays, due to its excessive demand, these jewels are manufactured artificially through high pressure and heat. However, natural ones hold more value than artificial ones.

Remember the asset you possess shows your status in the market, and nothing can make you popular than owning one of the rarest jewels found on the planet! If you are planning to invest in these gems, go ahead. However, make sure that you see a certificate before purchasing one. Contact a reputable diamond company and learn more about your investment opportunities.

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