Investing in Investment Grade Bonds: Some facts

Investment Grade Bonds: An introduction

Investment Grade Bonds are great ones, especially as it serves the true sense of investments. A bond is considered to be of high credit rating, it is naturally considered to be of investment grade. Investment grade bonds are available in the market through professional organizations. Professional or nodal bodies like the credit rating agencies actually work in the back in order to provide the credit ratings. Such credit ratings do signify the quality of the bonds as well.

What are the constraints of investing in such kind of bonds?

Although investment grade bonds are suitable for business investors, there are several constraints of investing in such bonds. The first and foremost remains to be the value of such bonds whatsoever. Banks work very hard on measuring the value of the bonds and hence an investor cannot invest on such bonds at will. Thus, investment grade bonds can be bought as per the value suggested from the banks. As per the experts, banks can help you to invest in terms of bonds in addition to other comparative instruments. Such comparative instruments can also include bills and notes as well.

How are the ratings done in case of investment grade bonds?

Ratings are usually applied for by the corporate. Such corporate work very hard on giving a minimum value to such instruments. As a matter of fact, credit rating is done basically on the basis of the financial strength of the company. In addition, certain future prospects are also considered in association to the above. It is obviously, a matter of fact that, companies should have a minimum level of debt in order to have a high credit rating. At the same time, experts keep on mentioning that, the corporate brand should have a proper potential of earnings as well. At the same time, the corporate should have a clean record in terms of debt payments.


Investment grade bonds are referred to as in terms of a particular credit rating on behalf of the corporate stock value. In order to have a high rating such as a ‘BBB’ one, the corporate should have a minimum debt in the market. Credit ratings are done by professional organizations and they are spread across the entire country whatsoever. One such organisation is ‘CRISIL’. You can learn more about the credit ratings while looking at CRISIL’s website. As per experts ratings of credit can be increased on behalf of the corporate. Of course, this requires a good business performance. Experts have repeatedly acknowledged the fact that, a business organization needs to improve on the business performance which is the net profit after tax. Earnings outlook remain to be an important quotient which can decide the fate of the issuance of investment grade bonds. If the businesses can increase their potential earnings, they can definitely increase their credit ratings. In order to know more, please have a look in the websites of the credit rating organizations.

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