How to use Revolut with Coinbase


We should admit that the daily changes in the world, all improvements and new ideas in different spheres, require us to start to accept the change and not make resistance against it. In the sphere of financial management, in recent years, we are facing many new types of services in the real and virtual world. However, with the foundation of cryptocurrencies, the world started to require some special service at this point. In this short article, we will write about Revolut and Coinbase, as two successful online platforms in case of crypto activities; also we will try to find connections between both platforms to use them from each other.

Revolut & Coinbase Features

Before we start to discover how it is possible to use one of these platforms with another one, we believe it is worthy to shortly mention both apps’ features. Both platforms are operating totally in online format, with the same goals that their customers can make crypto and some financial activities, both apps are providing their services not just for individuals but also for businesses. Also revolut and coinbase are allowing their customers to have easy access to their accounts, management of their crypto activities and be comfortable in the secure atmosphere. Revolut additionally, is providing revolut’s Cards for their customers that will allow them to simply use all services in offline format too and have access to their funds in cash format also. With coinbase users will be able to start to use all services in a very simple way; creating an account, linking the account to the bank account, then the platform is ready for all activities.

Using Revolut with Coinbase

There were so many slogans about these two platforms in recent time, about how customers have the ability to use one another. In this article we decided to clarify this point; users are not able to add their revolut card to their coin base account, but they are able to make a bank transfer. For this aim, customers need to log in to their coinbase accounts, go to the EURO account, and deposit part. They will need to take note of all details on the screen and enter the amount of money that they want to transfer. So shortly say, in the next step, users will be able to see all coinbase transfer details on their screens. Finally, customers need to open the revolut app, go to their accounts and enter the mentioned details and make their money transfer. In this way briefly, users used one platform with another to make transactions.


Definitely, the new type of currencies like crypto and daily progress in financial management, require changes and new services in this sphere. As mentioned before, both revolution and coinbase are trying to make life easier for their users in this way. The ability to use one platform with another to make transactions can count as one of the significant points that is available for all online users.

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