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Choosing a payment gateway is not a choice but a necessity for every online business. Merchants and owners have to make the wisest choice to create a platform that accepts every customer. But there is so much that we are not abreast of when it comes to the integration of payment gateways. There are questions and queries in every mind about how it works and how to discover the best one. Here are a few FAQs that solve most of the uncertainties and doubts about a well-functioning payment gateway.

Common FAQs Related To Online Payment Gateways

Queries can arise when one tries to build something they are doing for the first time. Merchants taking their businesses online need to partner with eligible service providers to set up the payment gateway.

  • How Many Countries & Currencies Does A Payment Gateway Support?

The number of countries and currencies covered by different payment gateways depends entirely upon the service providers’ policies. Some limit the e-business opportunities to home countries while some provide entries to the major ones across the world. Contact all the listed providers to get detailed information.

  • Is Every Reputed Service Provider Reliable?

No, market reputation is also a result of advertisement and expansion. A big service provider may or may not be suitable for a small merchant. Therefore, it is best to analyze all the competent options.

  • What Are The Charges of Processing Payments?

The charges differ from one service provider to another. Although there is a commonality in the pattern of costs charged by them, the actual figures may differ. One should compare the features offered with the rate chart of each firm to make a wise choice.

  • Is It Possible To Switch A Service Provider?

Yes, if a merchant wants to change the service provider, he can make an analytical choice and switch to a preferred option. However, this action can interrupt the services of the website and hamper the flow of business. Therefore, the wisest move is to make the first move wise and well-calculated.

  • What Are The Best Service Providers?

Some of the economical and leading payment gateway service providers are Cashfree, Square, Worldpay,, and Braintree. Check the service details and pricing of all these firms to pick out the best of all!

  • Are Recurring Payments Provided By All The Service Providers?

No, every payment gateway service provider does not necessarily offer recurring payments facilities. The list of firms in this category is different and it is better to verify beforehand.

  • How Many Payment Methods Does A Gateway Support?

The more payment methods a service provider offers, the better are the chances to capture a bigger customer base. Go through all the details to find out how many methods are in the plan.

  • What Are The Chances of Error?

The chances of transaction errors depend upon the technology and integration process used by the service provider. Get some basic idea of the best technical combination for a payment gateway and ask for an option to justify the same. One error can cause a bad impact on the reputation of the website so one should not take any chances.

  • How Do The Sites Carry Out Fraud Management?

Fraud management and virus attack backups are extremely crucial services. One should look out for these services to enjoy a glitch-free process.

These questions do present a clear and strong ideology of what to expect from the leading service providers. Although every platform claims to be the best, it is the sole responsibility of online merchants to filter the most suitable one. Contemplate the pros and cons of each available option before settling for one!

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