5 start up ideas for 2019

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A recent survey showed that 64% of working people would prefer to have their own small business instead of continuing in their current jobs. The desire to be self-sufficient, work flexibly and on a project you are passionate about has seen more people move into the world of self-employment, and it’s a great time to do it with all the scope and benefits it provides.

But if you’re stuck for ideas, you need some inspiration. So here are our five best start up ideas for 2019.

1. Storage Facilities

These days everyone wants extra space to keep things they do not readily need, and that’s where the opportunity to provide storage facilities comes in. People now have more spending ability but not enough space to keep everything in their houses as average house sizes have decreased over the years. For a relatively small amount of money, families, businesses and those who are travelling or between homes can keep their essential items safe and secure at self-storage facilities. Unless you already have some empty industrial or warehouse type space sitting idle, you will require a considerable amount of business finance to get started, but it’s a very fruitful and easy way to make money once the initial investment is made.

2. Website design and development

With hundreds of new businesses opening every month, it’s easy to understand why the demand for web design and development has increased so much in recent years. Every new company requires a shop front for their product and these days the all-important shop front is online, rather than on the high street.

Having a good quality, well-designed website means having a platform where people can visit and get all the information they need and which is search engine friendly. For sure, there are different online tools available which allow people to create their own websites, but most entrepreneurs don’t have the time to devote to learning web design as well as all the other things they need to be concentrating on. This is where a professional web designer comes in. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to start your own company. Some of the most successful developers started their job sitting in their living rooms. All you need is a laptop and web connection.

3. Opening a restaurant

The majority of what people earn is spent on food, so it’s a business that has never gone out of fashion. Many working people do not have any option but to eat out, so capitalise on this There are different ways to go about this idea but in this sector it is vitally important to do your research, because the initial investment is high. You have to be innovative when it comes to opening a new restaurant with a unique menu, a clever seating arrangement, a cool design and most importantly, a great location. If done correctly, and you put the right food in the right area, then the chances are you will have a booming business.

4. Event management

The event planning and management business has grown massively in the last couple of decades. From celebrating a birthday to arranging a wedding, from conducting a workshop to organising a conference, there is vast scope in this business. Taking money upfront to make the arrangements ensures the business itself does not need a lot of capital. But you need to be prepared to give it a lot of your time and be great at dealing with all kinds of people, who are unsurprisingly demanding about what they want. But get a good, experienced team in place, understand how to work efficiently and how to make clients happy, and you have a great chance of succeeding.

5. Bed and Breakfast

This is another business that does not require significant investment but does need proper management. Thousands of people travel around the world each year, but not everyone wants to spend thousands of pounds living in five-star hotels. This is a business you can start just by signing up on websites such as and You can simply upload the pictures of your vacant rooms, write details of the facilities you have and wait for customers to come. If you want to go a step further, rent or buy a place, turn it into a nice little bed and breakfast and enjoy earning a lot more money.

There are hundreds of ideas just waiting to be capitalised on. It’s all about jumping on those ideas when inspiration strikes and actually going out and doing it. Hopefully, these five start-up ideas have motivated you to make a start and earn money on your terms. On your marks, get set, go!

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