5 Benefits of Leveraging Automated E-Way Bill Software

E Way Bill Software

One of the biggest milestones in the post-GST regime is the introduction of software generated E-Way Bill. However, to replace the traditional tax and bill management systems used by businesses is a complicated process.

Here are five benefits of leveraging the automated E-Way bill software for your goods and cargo movement business.

Safety with Single User Entry across Devices

The modern automated software for E-Way generation provides the highest level of security to the users with multi-factor authentication and controls. With the advent of Cloud and In-Premise infrastructure, users can integrate and generate E-way Bill from within their ERP Platform.

Volume Management of E-Way Bills

An E-Way Bill is generated by an automated software platform by the consignor or a consignee if the transportation is done using a hired or privately owned vehicle or by using railways, airlines or by waterways.

To manage the complex process of filling an E-Way bill and its two parts (Part A or Part B), leveraging automated tools using software saves valuable time and resource that were otherwise wasted in manual supervision.

Using the automated software for E-Way Bill generation, one E-way bill can be generated accurately within 1 minute from within your ERP.

Interactive Dashboard for tracking and validating the logistics

An interactive dashboard provided by the software platform can be accessed to accurately visualize the status of every E-Way Bill. The dashboard can auto-calculate and propose the distance between the shipper and the recipient addresses. Keep track of each consignment and ensure that it reaches destination before expiry of the e-way bill. Take early & timely action to extend the e-way bill due to any break-down in vehicle as the dashboard will provide timely alerts for the same.

The dashboard provides checklist of items that are needed to be ticked before E-Way Bill generation and stay compliant with all GST rules in the State and in the Union of India.

Use of Applied and predictive Intelligence to Manage Risks and Faults

Use of AI and machine learning in E-Way Bill generation not only makes it smarter but also fault-free. Users can leverage the self-learning platform powered by AI and machine learning technology to envision the various aspects of delivery and taxation. Keeping the consignor, consignee and the transporter informed about the progress of the consignment is the key. It also automatically plans and schedules activities based on your future shipments and reconcile those with GST returns.

Customer Support and Experience with Chats, Emails and Mobile Notifications

Never lose the sight of your customer and their suggestions by leveraging the automated E-Way Bill software. You can manage all the goods shipment with automatic notifications till the end of journey. With highest user-data security and experience to customers, you can seamlessly scale your reputation.

Comprehending the complex process in the E-Way Bill generation that goods and cargo movers have to face in managing their operations, leveraging an Automated E-Way Bill software greatly simplifies the process.

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