Stress, Self-Employment, and Facing the Pandemic as a Performer

Covid-19 has left long-lasting ripples of unemployment in the world of the artist.

The pandemic has swept through every single sector of industry, but it has hit some of us harder than others. While those of us with government jobs or who already worked online have been largely unscathed, the world of the live performer has gone belly-up.

Hundreds of thousands of us work in gig venues, dance venues, as stage performers or as karaoke singers. We are street artists, storytellers, and the bards of modern society. Without this portion of society – who would tell the stories of Covid? Who would put a human face on it? The news?

Self-Employment is Considered Normal in the Entertainment Sector

We operate in an industry where as much as 72% of the musical performers and live talent are self-employed. If you haven’t been self-employed for longer than two years, there was no help from the government during that first – or second – lockdown in the UK. 

This single wave saw thousands of people immediately forced out of work. Not only that, but as an industry, performers have always relied on second jobs to keep a steady income going. When faced with Coronavirus, those second jobs either closed temporarily, shut their doors for good, or involved public facing jobs in the service industry which ultimately put them at risk of infection.

No matter what way you cut it, a whole league of artists, musicians, street performers, singers, dancers, and actors, were all forced out of work. The government made no special allowances. In a world where everything has shut down, what do you do as a performer put out of work by the pandemic? How do you get financial help?

Getting Help as a Struggling Artist

Now that the current economic climate has turned us all into starving artists, how do we take control of the situation?

First things are first, you need to check your mental health. It’s understandable that you would be stressed right now. There are plenty of programs that can help. You can put yourself through to wellbeing training to help you self-manage stress levels, for a start. If you still feel it’s all too much, get in touch with your GP and schedule an appointment with a therapist.

Secondly, we need to take care of the money crisis. Apply for grants and loans, get in touch with your local MP if you must, and explain your situation. As to your business: get online. Reach out to web designers and developers to see if you can do a collab, get on social media and grow your business there. We can’t take to the streets, but we can take to Twitter. 

Get on LinkedIn and look for work, upload a CV and, while you are waiting on someone noticing you, get familiar with the internet. If we want to stop this happening again, this sector of industry needs to be as readily able to switch to the digital as the next one is. Showreels, headshots, CVs and examples of our work can all be centralised on a website. Now’s the time. 

Final Thoughts

We have always, as an industry, had to go out there and create the work when there isn’t any. It is a fundamental rule of performance arts. This time, we just must find ways to make it go online.


Things To Check For When Test Driving A New Car

When you’re in the market for a new vehicle, there are a lot of considerations that go into making your decision. One factor many people don’t consider before purchase is how well the car runs. This can be something as simple as checking to see if all of the lights work or if brakes and steering have any issues. In this article we’ll talk about things you should check when test driving your next car.

Check for any damage to the body or interior of the car.

Open the doors and look at any scratches near the closing mechanism. Check for dents in both exterior panels of the car, and on all four corners–often found under mats or lining floorboard gaps. Look around the inside of the car for anything that stands out (i.e., a cracked dashboard)

Is there more than one lightbulb burnt? 

Check all lights including headlights, brake lights/turn signals on front and back all must work properly without flickering or dimming as they are used regularly while driving. The electrical system is generally not something we worry about with an older vehicle but this can be something to check just in case.

Find out what type of fuel it takes – gas, diesel, electric, hybrid?

The type of fuel the vehicle takes is important as you have to factor in how much it will cost to maintain and fill up.

If it’s a gas-powered car, what kind of mileage does it get on average per gallon/liter? If diesel or electric, there are no worries about miles per gallon but the price of electricity varies from place to place. Hybrid vehicles may use both types so find out which one works best in your area before purchasing a new hybrid model if this matters to you.

Figure out how much insurance will cost

Does it include roadside assistance or collision coverage and also find out car insurance type 2 by Rabbit Finance if there are any safety features like airbags and antilock brakes.

Make sure you have enough room

Check your garage for it and that there is a clear path from your driveway to the street if needed when parking it outside overnight. If it’s parked outside overnight, be aware of any security risks or air pollution dangers.

If none of these are an issue, get ready to take off on some nice drives around town! Just remember not to forget about scheduled maintenance this will save you a lot of money down the line when parts break with no warning (and they always do).

If none of these are an issue, get ready to take off on some nice drives around town! Just remember not to forget about scheduled maintenance – this will save you a lot of money down the line when parts break with no warning (and they always do).

Lastly but most importantly test-drive as many cars at different dealerships before making your decision final so you know what works best for you! There is nothing worse than buying something without testing it first because then there might end up being something you really don’t like about the car.

Some people also prefer to test drive a used car before buying it, but others are happy just going off of reviews and word of mouth from friends or family members. There is no right answer when deciding what’s best for your needs, so do some research into each option beforehand!


How to use Revolut with Coinbase

We should admit that the daily changes in the world, all improvements and new ideas in different spheres, require us to start to accept the change and not make resistance against it. In the sphere of financial management, in recent years, we are facing many new types of services in the real and virtual world. However, with the foundation of cryptocurrencies, the world started to require some special service at this point. In this short article, we will write about Revolut and Coinbase, as two successful online platforms in case of crypto activities; also we will try to find connections between both platforms to use them from each other.  

Revolut & Coinbase Features

Before we start to discover how it is possible to use one of these platforms with another one, we believe it is worthy to shortly mention both apps’ features. Both platforms are operating totally in online format, with the same goals that their customers can make crypto and some financial activities, both apps are providing their services not just for individuals but also for businesses. Also revolut and coinbase are allowing their customers to have easy access to their accounts, management of their crypto activities and be comfortable in the secure atmosphere. Revolut additionally, is providing revolut’s Cards for their customers that will allow them to simply use all services in offline format too and have access to their funds in cash format also. With coinbase users will be able to start to use all services in a very simple way; creating an account, linking the account to the bank account, then the platform is ready for all activities.    

Using Revolut with Coinbase

There were so many slogans about these two platforms in recent time, about how customers have the ability to use one another. In this article we decided to clarify this point; users are not able to add their revolut card to their coin base account, but they are able to make a bank transfer. For this aim, customers need to log in to their coinbase accounts, go to the EURO account, and deposit part. They will need to take note of all details on the screen and enter the amount of money that they want to transfer. So shortly say, in the next step, users will be able to see all coinbase transfer details on their screens. Finally, customers need to open the revolut app, go to their accounts and enter the mentioned details and make their money transfer. In this way briefly, users used one platform with another to make transactions.  


Definitely, the new type of currencies like crypto and daily progress in financial management, require changes and new services in this sphere. As mentioned before, both revolution and coinbase are trying to make life easier for their users in this way. The ability to use one platform with another to make transactions can count as one of the significant points that is available for all online users. 




Downside risk we know—and we know it’s something to be mitigated, avoided, offset, and, worst-case, accepted. Generally, we consider downside risk something to stay as far away from as possible while remaining in the investment arena. But upside risk? You mean the chance that an investment will increase in value beyond my reasonable expectations? Oh, yeah. I can handle as much of that as I can get, is your first instinct.

Actually, modern portfolio theory measures risk in terms of standard deviation of returns. There’s a base line, and both positive returns (above that line) and negative returns (below that line) are considered to be risks in that the results deviated from what was expected based on decades of history. According to portfolio theorists, risk is just variance by another name. 

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are two basic ways of analyzing past market behavior and making investment predictions for future strategizing. Each of these methods can be used to understand downside and upside risk. Fundamental analysis looks at the state of different industries and of the economy overall, as well as how efficiently a particular company is being run. Technical analysts, by contrast, focus on price movements and trading volume. In either case, there is a benchmark or baseline to which data is compared in judging future risk.

In general, as an individual investor, it’s a good idea to focus on both upside and downside risk. True, if you take on too much risk, focusing exclusively on gains, it can take a long time to break even after a large loss. On the other hand, if you focus exclusively on preserving your capital, chances are you’ll miss out on substantial market gains on the upside.  

Upside beta, used to measure upside risk, uses data only from days when an investment’s benchmark has gone up, and sometimes, an upside risk statistic can serve as a signal that a particular investment manager is taking excessive risks. But whether or not the data lead to that conclusion, comparing the upside and downside risks for a particular stock or bond allows you to assess both potential losses and potential gains. In the course of pursuing positive objectives, we introduce or increase the potential for adverse events, observes Jack Jones of the FAIR Institute.

The term Beta simply describes the baseline to which past investment results are compared, on both the upside and the downside. It’s a reminder that, when we’re making investment choices based on a judgment of what has been “better,” we need to ask “better than what?” To be sure, both upside risk and downside risk are, at best, only partially predictable. Solid decision-making allows for rosy possibilities along with gloomy prospects, looking at things on the upside along with the downside. Sheaff Brock helps both individual and institutional investors make sense of investing.


Find out the answers to # frequently asked questions about payment gateway

Choosing a payment gateway is not a choice but a necessity for every online business. Merchants and owners have to make the wisest choice to create a platform that accepts every customer. But there is so much that we are not abreast of when it comes to the integration of payment gateways. There are questions and queries in every mind about how it works and how to discover the best one. Here are a few FAQs that solve most of the uncertainties and doubts about a well-functioning payment gateway

Common FAQs Related To Online Payment Gateways

Queries can arise when one tries to build something they are doing for the first time. Merchants taking their businesses online need to partner with eligible service providers to set up the payment gateway. 

  • How Many Countries & Currencies Does A Payment Gateway Support? 

The number of countries and currencies covered by different payment gateways depends entirely upon the service providers’ policies. Some limit the e-business opportunities to home countries while some provide entries to the major ones across the world. Contact all the listed providers to get detailed information. 

  • Is Every Reputed Service Provider Reliable? 

No, market reputation is also a result of advertisement and expansion. A big service provider may or may not be suitable for a small merchant. Therefore, it is best to analyze all the competent options. 

  • What Are The Charges of Processing Payments? 

The charges differ from one service provider to another. Although there is a commonality in the pattern of costs charged by them, the actual figures may differ. One should compare the features offered with the rate chart of each firm to make a wise choice. 

  • Is It Possible To Switch A Service Provider? 

Yes, if a merchant wants to change the service provider, he can make an analytical choice and switch to a preferred option. However, this action can interrupt the services of the website and hamper the flow of business. Therefore, the wisest move is to make the first move wise and well-calculated. 

  •  What Are The Best Service Providers? 

Some of the economical and leading payment gateway service providers are Cashfree, Square, Worldpay,, and Braintree. Check the service details and pricing of all these firms to pick out the best of all! 

  • Are Recurring Payments Provided By All The Service Providers? 

No, every payment gateway service provider does not necessarily offer recurring payments facilities. The list of firms in this category is different and it is better to verify beforehand. 

  • How Many Payment Methods Does A Gateway Support? 

The more payment methods a service provider offers, the better are the chances to capture a bigger customer base. Go through all the details to find out how many methods are in the plan. 

  • What Are The Chances of Error? 

The chances of transaction errors depend upon the technology and integration process used by the service provider. Get some basic idea of the best technical combination for a payment gateway and ask for an option to justify the same. One error can cause a bad impact on the reputation of the website so one should not take any chances. 

  • How Do The Sites Carry Out Fraud Management? 

Fraud management and virus attack backups are extremely crucial services. One should look out for these services to enjoy a glitch-free process. 

These questions do present a clear and strong ideology of what to expect from the leading service providers. Although every platform claims to be the best, it is the sole responsibility of online merchants to filter the most suitable one. Contemplate the pros and cons of each available option before settling for one! 


Promote Brands with Reusable Colorful Bags and Stay in Lime Light for Years

This year, all countries have suffered economically. Big and small businesses have faced huge losses. Apparently, most small businesses had to shut down due to financial losses. However, people are still fighting to stand back. Eventually, as time passes things are going back to a normal path.

During the festive season, various events and trade shows are organized, which gives small businesses a chance to promote their brands. Due to tough completion, every brand tries a different way of promoting their business. So what difference can you do to overshadow them? How about a sturdy and colorful reusable bag with some goodies in it? 

Let’s be frank, plastic is being eliminated by people as they understand how harmful it is for the land and oceans. People are switching to recycled material. Recycled bags are mostly in demand for carrying groceries and other shopping items. However, with time, people are bringing fashionable tote bags in daily life not only for grocery and vegetable shopping, but also for office purposes, carrying books to school, and flaunting in shopping malls. Therefore, promoting business with the help of stylish and colorful bags with brand names is the best way. 

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company that deals in recycled material to produce the best quality reusable products like full-color bags, USB, jitters, seed papers, lanyards, umbrellas, straws, face masks, PPE kits, gloves, wipes, sanitizers, etc. They started the business in 2009 from Delray Beach, Florida. Their main motive is to eliminate the use of plastic bags from the earth and make it pollution-free. 

Various companies try different ideas to attract customers. Some sell cookies, while some promote key chains, but only that company is remembered for a long time whose promotional item is used again and again. Nothing can overshadow the idea of distributing reusable bags to customers. These bags will be used to carry goodies distributed by other businesses. In the end, your bag was useful in every way. 

Here are some benefits of using the reusable bag as a promotional gift item –

  • Your bag will be an attraction in the crowd with people carrying goodies from other canopies in their hands. When they’ll see people holding all items in one bag conveniently, they’ll end up reaching your canopy by looking at the brand name and increase crowd, which will again draw attention of people nearby. 
  • A survey has proved businesses that promote through reusable bags have received more recognition than those companies that promote through leaflets, cookies, goodies, etc. 
  • A reusable bag is not a one-time use product, but it will be used every time when people have to carry items. Your brand will be remembered every time when they will use that bag. 
  • When you distribute reusable bags, it reflects your concern towards nature as you’re promoting the elimination of plastic use. This leaves positive impact on customers and they remember this nice gesture for a long time. 

By offering useful gifts, you’re just making a good reputation among clients and customers. They are affordable and used for a long time. With just one bag you can advertise your brand for a long time. 


This Is What You Need to Know About Car Title Loans

Not including home mortgages, the average American carries $38,000 in personal debt.

In the context of a global pandemic, paying off those debts has become increasingly difficult. But you may have a pile of cash in a place you never expected. That is, in the form of your car.

Car title loans can help you transform your car into cash, without ever losing the ability to use it as you normally do. Before signing on the dotted line, there are a few key things you need to know about how car title loans work.

We’ll tell you the most important things you need to know about car title loans and their benefits below.

What Are Car Title Loans?

Title loans are loans that require you to put up one of your assets as collateral. It follows that a car title loan is a loan that requires you to use your car as collateral. These types of loans are also available for trucks, motorcycles, boats, and other recreational vehicles.

Qualifying for a car title loan means that you own your car. There can’t be any liens on your vehicle or you must have at least some equity. If you’re approved, you’ll exchange the title of your vehicle for the loan amount.

Most lenders will also require a photo ID and proof of insurance. Some lenders may also ask for a second set of keys along with the title.

Benefits of Car Title Loans

If you’re ever in a situation where you require money quickly, a title loan allows you to borrow money against your vehicle. They can also be used to pay off pressing debts and lower your overall debt. To learn more about that, read this post.

You would choose a car title loan over other types of loans in these situations because they’re among the fastest ways to access a loan. With online applications processed in less than half an hour, they’re also simple.

Plus, they don’t take into consideration your credit rating, for those with bad or no credit. You get to keep your vehicle and use it as you normally would, all while covering a debt that could have otherwise been very difficult or impossible to pay.

How to Pay Back Car Title Loans

Car title loans may be single-payment loans or installment loans. Both types of payment plans have similar APRs.

Single payment loans require the borrower to pay the full amount of the loan plus interest, usually within 30 days. Installment loans are paid in installments, usually spanning 3 to 6 months.

More Debt-Related Advice

Car title loans are a quick and easy way to pay off pressing debts and address other financial emergencies. You’ll need to prove ownership of your vehicle and have a plan in place to pay it off within the terms of your loan.

And when you find yourself in a bad financial place, you can’t read enough advice. Be sure to check out our debt section regularly for the best advice you can find.



What Is The Best Way to Get Investment Insights?

Investing can be a difficult time for anyone regardless of their experience as many markets are extremely volatile as a result of elections and several other variables. But what is the best way to gain insight into your investments? In this article, we will be providing you with insight into some of the best ways that you can gain investment insight.

Do The Research Yourself

When looking to gain insight into investments you are looking to make, there are several ways that you can conduct research to get the best possible result. However, by doing the research yourself, you are able to get all the information on every aspect that you want to know. By doing the research yourself, you can be as in-depth as you want to be depending on whether you are doing research for personal investment or you are doing your investment research for an investment that your business is looking to make.

Look At The Latest News

In addition to conducting market research, it is important to look at the latest news surrounding the market you are looking to invest in. Whether it is the latest development for Tesla before investing in Tesla stock, or the latest news surrounding the current state of cryptocurrency, this can benefit you when it comes to deciding whether or not this investment will be profitable as any news article could provide you with insight into any future fluctuations.

Use An Investment Research Service

If you are new to investments and are not sure where to start with this, you can enlist the help of an investment insights service to provide you with information before investing. Whether it is a projection of the market at this time or it is information surrounding changes to the investment that you are looking to make, this can all allow you to make the most informed decision surrounding your investment. This is particularly important during this uncertain time as many markets have seen an increased amount of volatility at this time as a result of the pandemic.

Choose Your Investment Platform Carefully

The final element to consider is the investment platform that you are looking to invest on. With many of these providing intelligent AI and investment insights as standard, this is a simple way of getting the insight you need in a short space of time. However, it is important to make sure that you do not rely solely on the AI and investment insight as this can cloud your judgment on important aspects such as the risk and the amount that you should be spending on each investment to ensure as minimal risk as possible regardless of the current state of the market.

Whether this is your first time investing or you have been investing for many years now, there are several ways that you can begin to gain the investment insight that you need, without wasting to much time before making any future investments.